Residential Solar Roof Installations in Hatteras, NC

Getting residential solar panels installed in Hatteras, NC is a superior investment and an outstanding way to benefit from the advantages of renewable energy. If you're interested in solar power, then RoofTek® is the company to call.

Opt for Solar Panels for Your Home

Solar roofs are a great way to improve the value of your property since they are a highly-prized, advanced component. Solar is a prominent upgrade among homeowners since they have the benefit of allowing you to save on energy costs. It's not only beneficial for the environment but also good for your wallet. Keep more of your hard-earned money with the lower energy bills you'll enjoy compliments of clean, renewable energy. You can rely on our solar power installers in Hatteras, NC who are qualified to securely install panels on your roof.

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The Best Solar Roof Company is RoofTek®

RoofTek® is considered the best solar panel installation company in Hatteras, NC by pleased customers who are delighted with our work. We do in fact support high-performing team members who excel in more than one aspect of roofing. If you're a property owner wanting to make the change to solar, you've come to the right place. Our fully-trained team is renowned for delivering top-tier workmanship and customer service with each job we take on. For an easy experience that will surely exceed your expectations, look to RoofTek®.

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We Have the Best Solar Installation Mode

Our effortless process is what makes solar panel installations are faster and more sensible for our customers. We are transparent from the time we give our review of the scope of work and extend an upfront quote of what to expect. We lead with respect and are grateful for the chance to install solar panels on your property!

    Contact your nearest location and schedule a consultation with our team to evaluate your job. We will check out your property meticulously and create a quote for the required scope of work.
    Once we have delivered our quote, we will work with you to develop an action plan. We review your budget, options, and timing to ensure that you are satisfied with the work.
    Our teams start work speedily and efficiently, so your job is finished on schedule and at the agreed-upon price point. We also clean up when the work is finished.
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RoofTek® is the Best Choice for Solar Power in Hatteras, NC

RoofTek® is your area, professional roofing company dedicated to all things roof-related, including solar. Not all area roofers are licensed to install solar panels, so it's vital that you work with a company with the ability and the necessary credentials to execute all aspects of the work. RoofTek® has years of experience and knowledge in residential solar power systems in Hatteras, NC. The RoofTek® technicians know all there is to know about residential solar power systems. Our process and skills adhere to local requirements, and we aim to exceed our customers' expectations by helping property owners embrace clean and renewable energy. You'll appreciate the advantages of renewable energy without the gimmicks or demanding sales people that come with other companies.

Please, call us regardless if you are interested in booking an appointment or have questions about solar panels and the installation process. We ensure homeowners have the leading options so they have access to the finest solar power technology available. Rely on our experienced installers to take care of the project appropriately. When you switch to a renewable source of energy, we'll ensure that every step is handled correctly.

The RoofTek® Process

Our process is straightforward, which means our teams are efficient from the initial quote through the completed project. We value and respect our team, and together we value and respect you and appreciate the opportunity to work on your roof!

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Contact your local RoofTek® and schedule an appointment with our team to assess your project. We will thoroughly review your property and created a quote for the required work.

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Once we have provided our quote we work with you to come up with a suitable plan. We review your budget, options, and schedule to ensure that you are satisfied with the project.

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Our teams get to work quickly and work efficiently so your project is completed on time, and on the agreed-upon price-point. We also clean up when the work is completed.

The Advantages of Solar Panel Systems

Getting a solar panel installed in Hatteras, NC is satisfying because you're using renewable energy and doing your part to be environmentally friendly. Having a skilled team on your side makes a difference in how much you value having solar power for your home. We set you up with a high-quality system that will work at its best for decades. Why do homeowners choose our solar roofing installers?


At RoofTek®, our team has thorough experience in roofing installations. We think through everything to be certain that your solar panels are working efficiently.

We take care of our customers with the utmost respect. We value your time, your property, and your concerns. Our team makes sure you're in the loop throughout the project.

Staying in the loop is just as critical as the valuable craftsmanship we bring you. When you can consult with us, you'll feel better about the job in general. Whether they need answers to your questions or to know how the project is coming along, they can depend on getting the status reports they need.

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Solar Power Roofing FAQs

Solar panel systems get power from the sun rays, which are trapped in the panels on the unit's surface. The system then turns the sun rays into energy made in the internal cell. It can make large quantities of energy to power an entire house. Many homeowners in Hatteras, NC opt to get solar system installations because they are made to make a substantial of power with reduced utility costs. RoofTek® is the professionals for environmentally friendly solar system that can potentially boost your property value.

When you choose RoofTek®, we will send our qualified and experienced solar roof installers to have your roof fitted for a solar power system. Our professional installers will evaluate your roof before we place solar panels of the right size and quantity. We will handle everything, from getting the necessary permits to placing the system appropriately on all styles of roofing.

A standing metal roof is the best type for solar power systems because it's suitable and easier to install. It has a standing seam, allowing RoofTek® installers to place solar panel system without drilling. Still, asphalt shingles are typically used on homes, and it is as good as standing metal in terms of how compatible it is. This is because asphalt is a tough and resilient material that is sealed with flashing to stop leaks.

A damaged roof should be fixed right away to avoid further issues that can develop rapidly. Roofing maintenance is viable with solar panels, but there are a few more steps involved in the process. The skilled roofers and solar installation team make the process simple with a strategic approach. Each of our roofers carries the necessary certifications to repair your roof without any issues with your solar power system. The roofers at RoofTek® use the best materials and strategies to get the job done right.

Solar roofing costs between $15 and $35 per square foot, which amounts to $25,000 to $60,000 total. RoofTek® will review the your property's dimensions and give you a breakdown of the work necessary to finish your project. We'll also communicate to you a timeframe for completion and a cost-free upfront estimate to help you know what to look forward to before we begin. These style of roofs are a major investment but through financing we have made it more accessible for families who want to boost the value of their home. We have flexible financing available to make our services accessible to more families.

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Speak with Our Solar Panel Installation Professionals

We have qualified solar roof installers who will review the details of the project and breakdown of how it'll go. We'll also offer a free honest quote, so you can stay within a budget and know what to expect. When you're ready to start, we'll request a down payment and our installers work quickly to offer you the most exceptional results possible. We believe that everyone should be able to install the newest in environmentally-friendly technology, which is why we provide adjustable financing plans. The straightforward and customer-oriented approach we take is what makes us a leading option for solar panels in Hatteras, NC.


You'll need to make a down payment for financing plans. We will make some assessments during the inspection process to figure out the cost.


We'll have a solid number and timeframe for customers when everything is factored into the project.


After the numbers have been figured out, we can set you up on a financing plan for your home's solar panel installation.

Call Our Solar Power Roofing Installers Today!

We're a national company with locations near you so you can receive high-quality services at your convenience. Call us now to find out more about what our top-tier roofing services will involve. We'll provide you a complimentary, upfront quote and advise you about any details you should know, including the timeframe for project completion. Choose your nearest RoofTek® installers.